Google announced an update for Wear OS

Important Highlights-Google has announced updates for its Wear OS, introducing to the keyboard feature.The keyboard gets equipped with features like predictive text, Gboard and the swipeable.Google has recently announced to update its Wear OS with an additional feature, the keyboard. The Wear OS has been incorporated with the keyboard features like predictive text, Gboard and the swipeable, available in the iOS and Android devices.The Gboard feature for the Wear OS comes with several input methods, which is quite adaptable to the previous operating system. For example, one can write the text by tapping on the keys, swiping through the keyboard, or even speaking by tapping in the mic option available. Another much sought-after feature, the emoji, can be easily accessed, including the “enhanced suggestions” above the keyboard.Also, alongside the new keyboard, Google is set to bring forth the multi-language support feature. It will allow the wearers to use the keyboard in the languages of their choices. The keyboard at its bottom features a language shortcut that, on being tapped, appears with the available options.Google seems to be paying attention to its Operating System by introducing the minor or the major updates at different occurrences. Google, earlier this year has announced to improve its wear OS platform by letting third-party developers create custom Tiles for the platform. It also assured of improvement in the CPU performance, last year in the month of August. The Wear OS admirers can expect the expansion in its horizon with more such possible advancements to be announced in the Google I/O 2021, the company’s developer conference.Wear OS, the wearable Operating System from Google, is designed as a smartwatchthat was initially launched on 18 March 2014. One can pair it with Android or iOS devices. The Wear OS comes with the facility such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, and LTE connectivity, along with certain other features and applications.