Ford launching over-the-air software updates

Ford is all set to commence the over-the-air (OTA) software updates to its vehicles. It has previously produced two of its updated models for Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-E buyers. At the same time, rival companies such as Tesla had been producing the vehicles with the OTA updates largely.
The company is now prepared to produce around 33 million cars receiving over-the-air software updates by the year 2028.
Ford is seeking transition is not just its operational values, but the brand motto has also seen a shift from a phrase that says “Built Ford Tough” to a new phrase that reads “Ford Powers Up.” According to Ford, over 100,000 F-150 and Mach-E customers have received the OTA updates for the last two months since it was announced. In contrast, other Ford models are in line to receive such updates, one of them being the new Ford Bronco. In addition, another big update is scheduled to be launched in Ford vehicles this year, including Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.
This upcoming update will allow the car owners to ask Alexa to play music, find the gas stations, get directions, or even recent weather updates. The Alexa update will possibly be provided to over 700,000 Ford vehicles in the United States and Canada regions this year. More vehicles will come across the updates later.
This new Alexa update has previously been in use for the Ford owners who had their accounts in Alexa, with which they could employ the smart home assistant in the cars they own through their smartphones. The new upgradation will be made to Ford vehicles by implanting the Alexa into the car’s operating system. The Alexa voice assistant will be provided for free for three years. The subscription will then be needed to be taken by the car owners.
Ford has also announced its collaboration with Google for six years, enabling the drivers to access the android apps and services. The update regarding the same was announced in February this year.