Amazon updates Echo Show 8, Show 5

The update comes up with new cameras and more colors.

Amazon recently reported updates for its Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 smart display devices. In addition, it also unveiled Echo Show 5’s all-new kids edition.

The company has come up with new updates from time to time, and so now its refreshing a handful of items in its Echo line that’s the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5, and kids edition. The most upgraded and big upgrade is actually impressive on the bigger Echo Show 8, and the new feature is the camera on both models.

The camera has a 13-megapixel sensor that is the same as Echo Show 10. The Amazon Echo Show 8 coming up with a wider, 110-degree field of view rather than 10’s display shift around to point at you. And within that range, its pan and zoom trick so subjects can be kept centered in the frame.

The latest new Show 5 costs $85 has a new blue color model. The resolution is higher with double the pixels in the camera.  

The new Show 8 is available at $130, and it will presently accompany a wide-angle camera that keeps the in-frame and centered video caller, it’s a similar feature like of the Show 10, however, the wide- angle represents there’s no requirement for the display to move physically truly.

The company also reported its new Echo Show 5 Kids, which is $95, and we can say it is a kid-friendly version of the Echo Show 5. It comes with Amazon Kids+ service for one year and a replacement guarantee of two years.

The Alexa’s security mode is also added that Amazon will turn on for all Echo 8 and 5 devices; hence you’ll get a chance to view the camera remotely from your smartphone. Eventually, one more specification is getting added that new AR effects for Amazon’s own video chat service, which will include reactions like setting custom virtual backgrounds or putting hearts on the screen, etc.